summer break Circular-24.05.2017

Dear parents,

The summer vacation will commence from 9th  June and the school will reopen on Sunday, the 20th  August, 2017. We would like to apprise you with a few matters.

  1. Ramadan timings- (Ramadan will most likely start from 27th May,2017 )

Classes 1 to 12– 8.10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ( children must report to school by 8 a.m.)

LKG & UKG– 8.10 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. ( children must report to school by 8 a.m.)

  1. Holiday home work has been posted on the school’s website for all the classes, hence no print out will be given to the students. Holiday assignment will be checked and marked under individual written work in second formative assessment, hence should be taken seriously.
  2. The portions for the first Recapitulation Test of second formative assessment have been given alongside the home work so that children can revise the portions during the holidays.
  3. We have always motivated our students to read more books. We are of the opinion that if students become voracious readers they will automatically become independent learners which will help them to settle well in life. We would like the students to read as many books as possible during the vacation. To facilitate this, we are holding a book exhibition at school, in which students can buy books ranging from 250 fils to K.D 2 for all age groups in all the subjects. The exhibition will be from 28th May to 8th June, 2017.
  4. Those parents who have not submitted the Health Cards of their wards, are requested to procure them during the vacation and submit them in the school’s clinic. We have inspection of Health Ministry in the first week of September, and if any student’s card is found missing Health Ministry will come into action. If your ward is undergoing any treatment/medication or has some chronic health problem, our School nurse must have full information and papers; in case no information is provided to us of such cases, school shall not be held responsible for the child not being looked after well. Children without health card may be asked to leave the school after vacation.
  5. We have PTM on 3rd June ,2017 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in which First Formative report of the students will be presented to the parents. Kindly clear the first term fee before proceeding to collect the report. This time parents are expected to see and sign the report cards on the spot so that cards may be kept under safe custody.
  6. The registration of the Students of class 12 for the board examination will take place only when they clear all the papers with minimum 50% marks  in first, second formative and Half yearly exams.
  7. The last date to pay the second term fee is 15th August, 2017 and we are sure that our parents will pay the dues well on time. Pvt. Education Ministry has also approved the time limit in this regard and has sent us a circular for the same. Our office will work from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. throughout the vacation in order to facilitate the payment of fee.  After providing the facility to make the payments, I am sure that there will not be any fee defaulter of the second term.
  8. Kindly refer to our website for latest information and all the circulars of this year.
  9. From 20th August, 2017 all those students of LKG and UKG, who stay back after the school, will be charged K.D. 5/- per month or parents must pick them up by 12.30 sharp.
  10. Please acknowledge the receipt of this circular on page no. 161 in school almanac by tomorrow.


Wishing you and your wards a very rejuvenating vacation!