Class 7 Holiday Homework 2014


Build up your reading, writing and learning skills.

1. Enhance your reading skills by reading any one book of the following and write a review on it :-

Animal farm by George Orwell

A Midsummer  Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

 Enrich your vocabulary by finding the meanings of hard words and sharpen your grammatical skills by finding antonyms and synonyms of those hard words.

The more your read the more you learn ………………………………………..

  1. Reading of chapters – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of Othello.
  2. Write and learn question/answer of these chapters.



l. Grammar Reader – (Saraswati) – Mein or Mera Vyakran

*  paryavachi shabd

*  vilom shabd

*  shruti bhinarthak shabd

*  anek shabon ke liye ek shabd

*  anekarthi shabd

*  kaksha karya ka punerabhyas

*  patra – Mitra ke janamdin par badhai Patra

2. Hindi reader – (Saral Hindi mala)

* Read all lesson carefully

learn shabdarth, Prashnottar and exercise .

3.Ten Pages Sulekh (Hand-waiting)

4. write a paragraph about yourself  (anuched – mera parichaya)


Second Formative Ist Test Portion (class-7)

Lesson – Mahatma Gandhi Ke Patra (Full chapter)

Apatith gadyansh

Patra – Mitra Ke janamdin per badhai Patra

Grammar – (chapter – 4) – Tatsam- tadbav as marked



Learn (pages no 115,116,117)

Learn verbs for dictation



1. Write multiplication tables 12 to 20 three times on A4 size paper. Oral test of the same will be conducted on reopening.

2.Chapter -1 Integers Pgs: 13 – 20 in LOA workbook .

3.Chapter – 2 Fractions and decimals Pgs: 41 – 43 and pg : 55 in LOA workbook.

Portion for the test on 04 – 09 – 14 :

Fractions and Decimals




Prepare a power point on the topic  motion.

Portions for second formative assessment

Types of thermometers.



1. Learn  first 20 elements from periodic table.

2. Prepare china rose indicator to test the acidic and basic nature of common household substances and note the observations.

{Text book (Acids and bases)page no 10.student activity 3 } .

3. Learn the name of the acids present in food items (page no 3 of text book).

4.  Find out any four applications of neutralization reaction in various spheres of our life.

Topic for Second Formative Assessment

Acid and bases



1. Draw  diagram of human digestive system .

2. Describe the digestion process in grass eating animals.

3. Explain different types of nutrition in plants.


Biology Test Portions (11-9-14)

  1. Digestive system in humans and ruminating animals
  2. Natural fibres and fabrics


Social Science:


Collect two videos from net related to life and culture of people in Athens and Sparta during ancient times.



1. Continent wise mark and label any two countries having following types of governance [in the past or in present]

  1. Dictatorship
  2. Authoritarian
  3. Monarchy
  4.  Republic
  5. Theocracy
  6.  Capitalism
  7.  Communism
  8.  Socialism
  9.  Democracy
  10. Oligarchy
  11. Totalitarian

2. on European map mark and label the states after the congress of Vienna,1815 came into existence and show the countries having European balance of power [Refer – Distribution of power-pg-14]



Collect pictures and paste them in an scrap book about natural vegetation ( flora and fauna) in different zones of the world.

Collect different types of stones and identify to which type of rock they belong. Describe the rock.



Are economic activities more important than non- economics activities or vice-versa? Justify your answer by illustrating with images and examples.



List out the QBASIC commands and mention its purpose.

Do the work in ICT notebook


Islamic Culture:

1-Read and memorize quran from surah Al Doha to Surah Al Aalaa.

2- Prepare PPT about the merciful in Islam.

3. Special student prepares for Quran competition and Hadith competition from school website portion same last year.

Thank you for all the students and all parents to support school’s name in all competition and HAPPY RAMDAN.


1-reading lesson no.4 (a special weekend) page no.65

2-answer the question page no.72

3-answer all exercise from page no.73 to 77

4-take out from the chapter any words that have (question words & make some questions) and put them between bracket

5-grammer – write all pronouns (point name , pronoun of absent & alsma almawsola)