Class 4 Holiday Homework 2014


1. Make a small dictionary (A-Z) with 2 difficult words and    their meanings.

2. Write a paragraph on any interesting incident that happened during the summer vacation in about (100-120) words.

3. Reading

Read any book of your choice by any famous author.

Few suggested books

Enid Blyton – Famous Five

Enid Blyton – Secret Seven

Rudyard Kipling – Jungle Book 

Write a summary of the book which you have read in about 100 words.



10 pages Sulekh (handwriting) on hindi class work notebook.

Kaksha mein kiya gya karya ka punrabhyas kar kantasth (learn) karna

Path – Manav to Galti ka putla

Path – Patakhon se Tauba

Path – Abhimani Gulab

Path – Prakriti Ka Sandesh

(Sabhi pathon ke prashn-uttar, Shabdarth, prayvachi shabd, vilom shabd kantasth (learn) karna)

Patr – Apne Vidyalya Ki Pradhanacharya ji ko ek din ke Avkash ke liye Prathna patr

Anuched – Mera Parichey

Hamara Rashtriye Pakshi- Mor

Vyakarn Latika – Sangya, Ling, Vachan

Read Stories Books



1)   Answer the questions in the white book « Apprenons le français »

from lesson5-lesson10.

2)   Learn verbe du premier groupe : endinding by « ER » e.g : Chanter jouer…




Unit 3 – CBSE-I Book Pages : 2,3,7,8,10,17,19,20,32 (addition)

Learn tables 1 to 10.



1. Collect pictures of 5 endangered species & 5 endemic species. Write few points about them. (on an A4 size paper)

2. Learn new terms given on UNIT- PLANTS.


Social Science:

CBSE ibook : Unit 3 Animals

  1. Food web : pg. no. 7
  2. Worksheet no 2: pg. no. 8
  3. Worksheet no 7 : pg. no. 22
  4. Honey bees : pg. no. 23
  5. More than honey : pg. no. 25
  6. Word search : pg. no. 30

Learn the notes given in notebook ( from Family gatherings  to food chain)



Paste the pictures of Memory Devices used in computers and label in the ICT notebook.



Click the below link



Islamic Culture:

1. Read and memorize Quran from Surah Al Nass to surah Al Layel.

2- Prepare PPT about two piller of islam.

3. Special student prepares for Quran competition and Hadith competition from school website portion same last year

Thank you for all the students and all parents to support school’s name in all competition and HAPPY RAMDAN.