In House Competitions


Month Event
April 1. Colour Days – Primary Colours
May 1. Mother’s Day
2. Father’s Day
3. Grandparents’ Day
September 1. ‘My Pet Talk’
2. Drawing & Colouring Competition
3. Sports Day
October 1. Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations
2. Group Action Rhymes Competition
3. Arbor Day
4. Educational Trip
November 1. Children’s Day Celebration
2. Fruit Salad Day/Lemonade Day
3. Vegetable Sandwich Day
December 1. Story Telling Competition
2. 9th December – Carnival
January 1. Recitation Competition
2. Kiddies Athletics
February 1. Handwriting Competition
2. Collage/Paper Folding Competition
3. Story Telling Competition
March 1. Graduation Ceremony-UKG/Open day LKG
2. Class Parties for LKG


Month Event
April 1. Drawing & Painting Competition

Class 1 – Love is every where

Class 2 – The gifts of nature

Class 3 – Energy saving devices

Class 4 – Enjoying  the new

2. Badminton Matches

May 1. Calligraphy Competition-English, Hindi, Arabic

2. Chess Competition

3. Talent day in the last week before summer break;

4. Break free; Aero Modelling Workshop

September 1. Teachers Day Celebrations

2. Recitation Competition-Theme: Bees; Wind; Beautiful world

3. Table Tennis Tournament

4. Quran Recitation Competition

5. Arbor Day

6. Sports Day

7. Crayon Shaving/Colour Pencil Shaving Competition/ Soap Carving/ Face Painting/ Paper Quilling/ Egg Painting Competition

October 1. Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

2. Diwali Lantern Competition

3. Basket Ball Tournament

4. Spell Bee Contest

November 1. Children’s Day Celebration

2. Collage & best out of waste competition

3. News Reading Competition

4. Elocution Competition – Topic

Class 1 – Never quit

Class 2 – Our words create our word

Class 3 – Smile for no good reason

Class 4 – 1. Common sense

2. Everything big starts with something little.

December 1. General Quiz

2. Kho-Kho matches

3. 9th December-Carnival(Fancy Dress Competition-Fashion Show)

4. Clay Modelling Competition

5. Extempore Speech Contest

January 1. Republic Day Celebrations

2. Sprints and Throws

3. Creative Writing Competition

Class 1 I am special because

How can I be a better friend

Every action matters

Class 2 My brother/sister is the best friend forever

Reading is important

Can a monkey make a good pet?

Class 3 Best practices for good health

My home is the best

Class 4 My role model is

Oceans home of wonders

Bring a smile to someone

None of us is smart as all of us

February 1. What’s a Good Word Contest

2. Spin a Yarn Competition


Month Event
April 1. Drawing & Painting Competition

Class 5 Should we focus on destination/journey
Class 6 Service culture at school
Class 7 Swach school day
Class 8 Poster making-public participation
Class 9 Eradication of corruption
Class 10 Vision of a cleaner India
Class 11 Celebration rio eco-friendly way
Class 12 Our choices shape our life

2. Best out of waste

3. Group Collage Competition – Water a Scarce Resource

4. Badminton Matches

May 1. Investiture Ceremony/ Inter House Alpana and Rangoli Competition

2. Calligraphy Competition

September 1. Teachers Day Celebrations

2. Recitation Competition-Theme: The rainbow; father of the nation; Nehru; Nature; Peace

3. Table Tennis Tournament

4. Quran Recitation Competition

5. Sports Day

6. Pot Design & Mosaic Competition: Diya Design Competition

7. Debate

Class 5 Can shouting make people hear
Class 6 Letting go vs giving up
Class 7 We make attitudes or attitudes make us
Class 8 Courage does not always roar
Class 9 Computers can be a real pain
Class 10 Can we achieve everything
Class 11 Luck are sweat matters
Class 12 Demonetarisation – good/bad; A bully is a weak person
October 1. Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

2. General Quiz Competition

3. Basket Ball Tournament

4. Clay Modelling Competition; soap carving competition

5. Model UN

6. Quilling paper card making competition

November 1. Children’s Day Celebration

2. Group Collage competition; Extinct animal

3. Lawn Tennis Competition

4. Arbor Day

5. Spell Bee Contest

December 1. Science Models Exhibition

2. volleyball Tournament

3. 9th December-Carnival

4. Christmas tree decoration Competition

5. Elocution Competition

Class 5 5 steps to simple + confident life: Every action Matters
Class 6 Live a life of gratitude: How shall I deal with my anger
Class 7 Winning is not everything but making an effort to win is: turn problems into solutions
Class 8 Go solar
Class 9 Promoting integrity ensures the prosperity
Class 10 Cyber security a global concern of the nation
Class 11 There is no short cut to success
Class 12 Desires vs Dreams
January 1. Football Matches

2. Extempore Speech Competition

3. Science Exhibition

4. Creative Writing Competition

Class 5 Five things I will stop doing forever

Art of giving

The best gift ever given to me

Class 6 Attitude is all that matters

Failures teach you to work on weaknesses

I like spring season because

Class 7 Complaining won’t change things, action will

Emotions driving to rage

Class 8 An enemy called average

Rio Olympics

Continuity brings progress and success

Class 9 My definition of happiness

A man is what he thinks about all day long

Attitude matters

Class 10 How can we motivate our solves

Stop procrastination

How can we bring quality to our school

Class 11 Slogan writing “public participation on eradication of corruption”

Be extra ordinary

Class 12 Be bold – stand up for what you believe in

e-governance an effective tool to curb corruption

February 1. Instrumental Music Competition/Blast of Bands

2. What’s a Good Word Competition