The Academy believes in positive attitude and rewards and appreciates all the minor and major achievements of the students in order to motivate them to do better consistently.

According to the principles of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, students are tested through recapitulation tests throughout the academic year as per the schedule given in the almanac and the ones who score centum are awarded a “The High Achiever Certificates”. From each section one student is selected for the best conduct each week and is awarded the “Star Student Certificate”.”Good Handwriting Award” is given for beautiful handwriting and neat written work in notebooks and worksheets. The students who perform well throughout the year are presented special award for their performance.In the field of sports special “Certificates of Achievement” are awarded for excelling in the field and sports events. Students who get full points are given certificates of proficiency.

Scholar Badge

  1. A scholar badge is given to a student securing A1 grade in aggregate and A1 grade in all the main subjects i.e. English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.
  2. Scholar badges are given on the basis of the result in Classes 3 onwards. Children coming in this category are awarded “Certificates of Achievement”.

Merit Certificates

Certificates of Merit are awarded to children for outstanding achievements in sports and co-curricular activities.

Honour Roll

Students who get full points or the maximum points in each section are givenĀ  “Honour Roll Award” for excellence in academics and outstanding performance.

All Round Best Student Award

All the home room teachers in consultation with the subject teachers nominate one student from each section, who is good in academics, co-curricularĀ  and extra-curricular activities.

Certificate of Full Attendance

LOA appreciates punctuality and regularity in attendance as this attribute is of the personality of those students who are diligent in studies and keep themselves, healthy, robust and strong.Certificate of attendance is to appreciate 100% attendance in an academic year.


All those students of Classes 8 to 11 who get A1 grade in all the formative and summative assessments in all the subjects are given a scholarship of 50% fee concession if they continue to study at school.

Students with highest scores in each stream and 100% marks in Board Exam of Class XII enter the Roll of Honour of the School.

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