Instructional Programme

Kindergarten (LKG,UKG) Primary ( I TO IV ) Middle (V TO VIII)
English English English
Hindi (UKG ) Hindi Hindi/French
EVMS EVMS/ S.St .& Envir. Edu. Social Science
Mathematics Mathematics & Technology(Com. Sc.) Mathematics & Com. Sc.
Nursery Rhymes KSS (IV) KSS (V,VI,VII)
Story telling Arabic (II onwards) Arabic
Paper folding Science & Technology Sci. & Tecno./ Envir. Edu.
Music /Dance/band Value edu./Is. Cul. Value edu./Is. Cul.
Picture reading Arabic Arabic
Class library Performing arts/Visual Arts Performing arts/Visual Arts
Art & Craft G.K./SEWA/Life skills G.K. ./SEWA/Life skills
Music/ Dance/ Band Art & Craft Art & Craft
Music/ Dance/ Band Music/ Dance/ Band
Games/ Sports Games/ Sports/physical edu. Games/ Sports

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An Indian School administered by a renowned educationist. Outstanding leadership as well as the management...

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