Attendance And Norms Of Discipline

Academy is highly appreciative of the personality traits of regularity and punctuality among students. Students are not allowed to take leave from the school without permission. Long leaves are not permitted unless there is a grave emergency. Under such unavoidable circumstances parents are asked to give and undertaking of teaching the portion finished in the student’s absence to the school. In the examinations and tests taken in absence of the students, they are marked Zero/absent. There is no system of retest at the Academy.

In order to attend classes, students have to be in proper turn out. They are expected to come in prescribed uniform of which the details are given in the school almanac. Every good thing done by the student is well recognized and every undesirable act is reported through the school almanac to the parents.

“What is expected from the scholars of Learners Own Academy” is described at length in the school almanac.

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