Assessment Process

“Strive Serve Thrive”
The school follows the system of continuous and comprehensive Evaluation as prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

Assessments are divided into two parts namely Formative and Summative
The School will provide these assessment reports four times in an academic year.

Ist Formative Assessment– 10% weight age in the final report- May

2nd Formative Assessment– 10% weight age in the final report- October

1st Summative Assessment – 30% weight age in the final report-October

3rd Formative assessment–   10% weight age in the final report- December

4th Formative assessment–   10% weight age in the final report- February

2nd Summative Assessment– 30% weight age in the Final Report- March


Recapitulation tests and activities are conducted on every Sunday and Thursday from 7.30 a.m. to 8.10 a.m. to test student’s skills in reading, writing, comprehension, listening, grammar, conservation, spelling, logical thinking, etc. Written work/assignments, projects, power points, viva, practical skills, quizzing, interviewing, group activities discussions performing arts, surveys, public speaking, report analysis etc. form a part of formative assessment.


Students are assessed on nine point scale as under

Grade Score attained in % Performance level Numerical value of grade
A1 90%-100% Outstanding 9
A2 80%-89% Excellent 8
B1 70%-79% Very Good 7
B2 60%-69% Good 6
CI 50%-59% Average 5
C2 40%-49% Fair 4
DI 30%-39% Marginal 3
D2 20%-29% Poor, must work hard 2
E1 19% and below Very poor, calls for special attention 1

It is compulsory to appear for all the assessments, periodic tests and examinations. Absentees will be marked zero Academy does not follow the system of retest.
Each students must attain at least C2 grade in each subject in order to be promoted to the next class.
i.The School has the discretion to change the promotion criteria at any time.
ii.The School’s decision shall be final and binding.


Formal pen and paper tests are considered summative assessment. Independent and flawless expression in English, imagination, logical thinking, clarity and application of various concepts and high Thinking Order skills form the core of this part of assessment.

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