Our Outstanding Features

Outstanding leadership as well as the management of a seasoned visionary and educationist.

  • Excellent, committed, and experienced team of professional and passionate teachers.
  • A safe and conducive environment that cares well for every student.
  • Well designed CBSE-i curriculum with a lot of scope for challenge, focus and exciting learning activities.
  • Students enjoy learning and turn into lifelong learners.
  • Good teaching and high level of personal support for learners.
  • Consistency in marking and quality written feedback.
  • Sharper and more rigorous procedures for assessing and tracking pupils’ attainment and progress in subjects where they are not yet in place.
  • Provision of remedial training to make weak areas good.
  • High tech class rooms.
  • Educational visits and class room experiences that enrich learning.
  • Excellent ethos of the school to develop positive attitude and behaviour of the pupils.
  • Young learners are encouraged and empowered to make informed choices about their health and made aware of the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Scope to become worthy competitors in the sports field to enjoy and excel.
  • Offers tremendous opportunities to learn new and exciting techniques for “Student artists”.
  • Career counseling to make choices in higher education.
  • Constant striving to attain high standards.
  • Curriculum designed to suit all kinds of learners-Kinesthetic, visual, auditory and spatial.