Meet Our Administrator

An Indian School administered by a renowned educationist. Outstanding leadership as well as the management of a seasoned visionary and educationist. Nearly after three quarters of a century of our independence, our education system is undergoing a sea change to provide some scope in enjoyment of learning to our learners at schools. It was long overdue. It is a big challenge and the ones who have understood the problems of our learners will surely welcome this newly introduced system of education under the umbrella of CBSE international. Learners Own Academy a pilot school of CBSE-International located at Jleeb Al Shyouk in Kuwait is the forerunner of this system on being a progressive and child centered school. Its academic fraternity wants education to become learner friendly and understanding to take deep roots in students. Our traditional pedagogy of teaching through lectures or chalk and talk method has failed to satisfy our leaner’s curiosity in this era of computer technology. Our students have plethora of questions related to almost all the topics they learn. They want to get into how, what, why, where, when like questions on each topic. The paucity of time, diverse subjects and themes in old curriculum, busy life styles of parents and oceanic information on each topic does not let that happen, which is most required. Their questions are set aside to finish the syllabi and to train them in pocketing more marks and better grades through reproduction of matter taught. Marks may be replaced by grades, but the overall objective does not change and that is the “result”. If we have to really improve the results and we want them to be authentic then the only answer is CBSE International Curriculum. What, if the child gets centum score but has superficial knowledge in that subject. So the need is to change the very perspective of education for which parents send their children to the school.
Asha Sharma
Indian Learners Own Academy