Ishra – Al-Miraz – 13th April 2018

Summer break – 8 th  June   to 25 th  August 2018

Eid – Al fitr – Subject to declaration of the Ministry

 Independence Day of India 15th August, 2018


Eid – Al Adha  (Subject to declaration of the Ministry)

Islamic New Year

Diwali Holidays October 2018

Christmas and New Year Day  Holidays – 23rd December, 2018 to  

1 st January, 2019 (Students in Classes X,XI & XII will have either spilt tests or extra classes throughout the winter break)

 Prophet Mohammed ‘s Birthday( holiday)

Republic Day  of India – 26th January, 2019 

National And Liberation Days of Kuwait – 25th & 26th February, 2019

The school observes Eid holidays as per the declaration of the Government