Indian Learners' Own Academy

Affiliated to CBSE Delhi

Principal Message

Dear Parent,

Thank you for entrusting your ward to Learners Own Academy. We are very proud of our school and encourage you to use this almanac as a medium of communication in order to enhance the horizons of knowledge of our dear ones with each others help. Kindly go through the all the entries made in the almanac on all the working days. Please pay special attention to the teachers’ remarks and advise your ward accordingly. Two pages have been reserved for your remarks towards the end of this diary. Their turn out, attendance and late coming records can be read from the last pages of the school diary.

You are requested to fill in the recapitulation test marks after signing the test papers on the page of records on regular basis and check the bag of the child in order to ensure that all the relevant books are kept in the school bag as per the time table of the day. Kindly give your child healthy Tiffin.

We believe that all the individuals have the capacity to improve and learn. All people develop at different rates and have expertise in a wide range of subject areas with unique learning styles. Our programme focuses professional attention on each student and challenges them to achieve their maximum potential.

The whole child is our focus, learning and academic achievement form a significant part of the development of a loving, compassionate, healthy, and thoughtful world citizen. Assessment of this learning takes a variety of forms. Formative assessment through daily learning work, class participation and discussion, classroom learning activities, and peer interactions occupy a significant part of creating a child’s learning profile. Summative assessment is made in the form of tests, quizzes, projects, presentations and exams. It helps in determining specific content knowledge, concept mastery, and ability to apply knowledge. Throughout the curriculum, we focus on the ability to communicate understandings and to apply knowledge to novel situations in order to learn problem solving skills.

All children develop at their own pace-a pace we accelerate for all students when they are ready. We don’t believe that single sittings of examinations should judge the future of our children. Our rigorous approach to learning ensures that we view children and learning as work in progress rather than “snapshots” of a singular endeavour.

We are unique in this adventure of learning. This school is committed to continuous improvement. We hire only the most qualified teachers and seek students and families to join our community who are committed to the development of the whole child.

Our school to a large extent accomplishes this with a larger perspective of education. Our philosophy is of reducing pressure and retaining a student’s hope and self esteem, without which education loses its purpose.

At our school, students are not competing with each other but with themselves by constantly raising their expectation and successfully achieving those targets. This makes them not only highly “individual driven” but also sensitive and empathetic to other’s failures, a very important factor which shapes them into fine human beings.

Our school carefully nurtures the tangible and the intangible strengths of each student, carefully preparing them to face challenges in a competitive world.

We trigger their curiosity and encourage them to step into unfamiliar grounds without fear. This gives a student an edge over their peers, as they are taught not to fear failure and that failure is an important step towards achievement.

We make learning an enjoyable experience that can never be forgotten but provides points of reference in one’s future.

I hope the information provided on this website is useful. If you wish to visit and find out more about our School, please contact the School’s Office.

Asha Sharma

(Principal, Learners Own Academy, Kuwait)