Indian Learners' Own Academy

Affiliated to CBSE Delhi

  • Admissions open for 2021-2022 - LKG to 9 & 11
In House Competitions

“Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”

There is a well planned calendar of in-house events and competitions for each academic year which is printed in the school almanac. In Kindergarten and Primary classes all the competitions are conducted on inter class and inter section basis in order to provide more scope for participation to students.

All the competitions in Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes are conducted on House basis. In order to inculcate the spirit of healthy inter-house competitions , among the students of Middle and Senior wings; they are divided into six houses namely Earth (emotional stability) – green colour, Fire (energy and power) – red colour, Air (change and movement) – orange colour, Water (purity and sancity) – white colour, Space (creativity and innovation) – blue colour and Ether (universe and eternity) – violet colour. The Academy is sensitive to the needs of mankind and is in favour of sustaining these six elements of life in their best forms.