Indian Learners' Own Academy

Affiliated to CBSE Delhi

  • Admissions open for 2021-2022 - LKG to 9 & 11
What is expected from Indian Learners' Own Academy Students?

If students resolve on acquiring inwardly a good character, a good common sense and a charitable disposition , good manners come naturally to them.
“Basic etiquettes at home”

  1. Learn to obey and respect your parents and always follow their advice.
  2. Be kind to your parents and offer to help them when you see your help is needed.
  3. Do not speak disrespectfully to them.
  4. Do not leave the home without your parents’ permission.
  5. Be kind and generous to your brothers and sisters and also to the servants.
  6. Do not forget your “please “, “Thank you” and “I am sorry” as the occasions arise.
  7. Do your home work assigned by the teachers and house work as assigned by the parents on time.
  8. Excess of even good things also becomes bad. So do not use computer excessively, do not prolong your talk to your friends on telephone, and see only selected programmes on television to put in more time for studies.

“Basic etiquettes at school”

  1. Respect your teachers and companions.
  2. Be diligent in studies; bear a good conduct and regularity in studies.
  3. Read and learn from the best works of the other class mates.
  4. Be regular to school. Never come late to the class after breaks.
  5. Wait in silence for your teacher to arrive.
  6. Pay attention to whatever is being taught.
  7. Neither carry nor read other than the prescribed books in the class.
  8. Seek teacher’s permission before entering or leaving the room.
  9. Do not leave the room before the teacher leaves.
  10. Sit up straight, keeping your head erect during the lessons.
  11. Do not interrupt the teacher while she is teaching.
  12. Answer the questions in a distinct and sufficiently loud voice.
  13. Write legibly and keep your notebook straight before you.
  14. Do not stand up or answer when you are not asked a question.
  15. If you have a query, seek teacher’s permission to ask a question.
  16. Keep your notebooks and books tidy and do not make a mark on the cover page and not to do the rough work on the last pages.
  17. Bring your own books, notebooks and writing material daily to the class as borrowing of such things is not permissible.
  18. Wear well ironed clean uniform daily to school. Your hair should be well combed and tidy. Do not have a fringe of the hair on the forehead or funny hairstyles. Vegetable or mushroom haircuts for boys are not permitted and girls are not allowed to colour their hair or wear coloured lenses to school.
  19. Do not wear gold jewellery or other trinkets to school. It is against the norms of the school moreover school is not responsible for their loss.
  20. Never bully your juniors, or use foul language.
  21. Mobile phones, I pods, DVD’s, calculators are not permitted to be brought to the school.
  22. Arrange your bag a night before as per the time table.
  23. Bring healthy Tiffin. Avoid use of aerated drinks. Use napkins, fork or spoon to the eat food.
  24. Do not damage school property. Do not make a mark on the walls or desks or you will be asked to make them good.
  25. Get the notes from the teachers signed daily by your parents.
  26. Use of chewing gum is prohibited at school.
  27. Play games in the true spirit of sportsmanship.
  28. Any kind of disagreement or breaking of the school norms should be brought to the notice of the class teacher.
  29. Always apologise for your mistakes and keep a good sense of humour.
  30. Move in lines from one place to another in the school. Do not drag your feet but walk smartly. Lift your foot and do not make a noise when you walk.
  31. Stand in attention when a prayer is read or the national anthem is sung.
  32. Be careful in choosing your companions, you will be known by the company you keep.
  33. Sit at the allotted place and do not move in the class when the lesson is going on.
  34. Never mock or mimic any one.
  35. Respect others religions, nationalities, thoughts and culture.
  36. Should avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.
  37. Using unfair means in the tests or examination not only brings down the scores but snatches away self esteem from a student, so it should not be practiced.
  38. Students should never hesitate to say “No” when asked or tempted to do a thing which they know is wrong.
  39. They should take care of their belongings; the school shall not be blamed for any losses.
  40. Students of one class are not allowed to enter other class rooms during intervals.
  41. It is obligatory to speak in English within the school premises.
  42. Students who remain absent for one month without intimation are liable to have their names struck off the rolls and they may not be re-admitted.
  43. Leaves will not be granted during the session to attend any family function at their homeland. In such cases students will have to make up the loss themselves.
  44. No student can leave the school premises without special permission from the Principal, which is to be presented to the security guard on duty after her consent.
  45. No presents may be given to teachers. On their birthdays, students are not allowed to distribute any gifts. They can however distribute sweets.
  46. Letters / telephone calls / messages received in the school from or to students, will not be delivered / passed on.
  47. It is the responsibility of each and every student to keep the classroom and the school campus clean. All litter should be disposed of in the dustbins, which have been provided for this purpose, both in the classrooms and within the school.
  48. Students are expected to greet all the visitors and members of the staff with respect and courtesy.
  49. Every student should endeavour to keep up the high tone and good name of the school by excelling in manners and deportment.
  50. Sr. Boys should come clean shaved.
  51. Any students leaning the school without premission will be expelled.