Indian Learners' Own Academy

Affiliated to CBSE Delhi

  • Admissions open for 2021-2022 - LKG to 9 & 11
Expectations from Parents

“I wish to stress that parents cannot be uninterested in the education
of their children, but it is necessary that they become even more aware
that the school does not exempt them from their mission,
but aids them in fulfilling it; and that they are the first educators of their children,
the harmonious collaboration between family and school is indispensable:
Both united in the impassioned task
of forming men and women.”

Pope John Paul II

Parents, teachers, school leaders and students are equal stakeholders in the upbringing of the students. Parented are expected to perform these prime duties without fail:

  • Payment of fee on time in order to avoid any embarrassment or fine.

Lat date to deposit of first term fee- 15th March

Last date to deposit the second term fee- 15th August

Last date to deposit third term fee- 15th November.

(Students can not join the classes in the next term, if the fee is not paid as per the above mentioned dates.)

  • All students must report to school at 7 a.m.
  • Making the required text books and stationary available to the child before the previous stock exhausts.
  • Seeking permission for leave in writing.
  • Keeping themselves informed about the course coverage at school.
  • Ensuring that the home work is done and school bag is properly packed as per the time table.
  • Not letting the student access undesirable websites on computer.
  • Not permitting student to carry on prolonged unproductive telephonic conversation.
  • Attending PTA meetings on regular basis.
  • Giving healthy meal to the child.
  • Taking the child for Regular medical check ups.
  • Encouraging the child for every achievement, may it be a major or minor.
  • Not to compare the child with any sibling at home or any child of friend or one in the neighbourhood but with his/her own previous performance.
  • Encouraging independent study habits in the child.
  • Ensuring proper turn out of the child on all school days.
  • Ensuring proper light arrangement on the study table and proper bed and toilet habits.
  • Subscribing newspapers and magazines for the child for general awareness.
  • If possible, making provision for child’s library at home.
  • Use of courteous and desirable language at home.
  • Exposure to cultural values of the family and the community.
  • Development of scientific and logical thinking in the child.
  • Giving some responsibilities at home and developing the habit of sharing.
  • Giving enough time to play and sleep.
  • Teaching them the right upkeep of the books whether of the school or personal.
  • Boosting at least one good hobby and one sport.
  • Daily conversation with the child in order to learn his/her progress.
  • Instilling respect for teachers.
  • As a rule, Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers when they are in their classes. Parents desirous of speaking to the teachers about the progress of their wards may meet the teachers by previous appointment through the principal.
  • They are requested to inform the school office if there is any change in address and also to give a copy of the  the passport or civil I.D. once it  is renewed.
  • The parent’s attention is drawn to the fact that the criticism of a teacher or the school in the presence of a child causes the child to lose his or her respect for the teacher and will retard his or her progress.
  • Any communication made by the parents should be addressed to the principal and not to the class teacher, and all correspondence from the school to the parents must go through the principal.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline and ensuring that the school rules are observed. They should check the almanac regularly and sign the assignments/remarks etc. meant for their information.
  • Please note that in the event of an unexpected holiday during tests/examination, please visit the school website for necessary instructions. Usually   the test/exam scheduled on that day will be held on a later date. The remaining examinations will be conducted as scheduled.
  • Kindly check the haircut and  uniform  of your ward every morning.
  • Boys must wear white vests under their shirts and the under wears.
  • Parents are requested to check the ward’s bag regularly for circulars/letters sent from school and acknowledge the perusal by signing the designated column in the school diary as required.
  • Please ensure that students pack their bags as per time table.