Indian Learners' Own Academy

Affiliated to CBSE Delhi

  • Admissions open for 2021-2022 - LKG to 9 & 11
Counselling Services

“Strong deeds, gentle words”

Children require guidance and counselling to be successful in all aspects of their lives. The Professional school counsellors provide responsive services and referral skills through the effective use of individual and small group counseling and consulting.

ILOA Student Counselling department provides instructions based on the Solution-Focused Brief Counselling:

Self-Awareness and Empathy
Assertiveness and Equanimity
Interpersonal and Communication Skill
Decision making and Problem Solving Skill

Counsellors assist each child’s emotional growth by helping him/her identify and express feelings, nurture empathy and develop meaningful friendships. They also help to build a Positive, Safe and Caring community.

Virtual Counselling Services

ILOA Counselling department provides E-counselling platform for equipping students to face challenges creatively in their life. A number of webinars on Career Counselling sessions are arranged for the students and parents.

Anti-Bullying Squad is comprised of disciplined and organized Student Council Body with some dedicated, passionate and unbiased teachers headed by the Counsellor

Our Zero Tolerance Approach to bullying ensures all students feel safe, happy and respectful at school.

IQ and personality tests along with the aptitude tests are conducted on payment basis to guide the students, parents and teachers. One Psychometric test is conducted for Classes 7 to 12 for career counseling each year.

Career Counselling is a regular feature of our school. The aim of career counseling is to help students choose a field that is tune with their skills and their job expectations. The school organizes a lot of expositions on Career Counselling where the distinguished speakers are called from the notable Universities and guide our students in making the right choice and decide their career. With the help of Career Counselling, most of the students of our school end up choosing the right career, and perform their level best, which ultimately helps them to succeed in life. Life skills classes are also taken by school counsellors.

A clinical psychologist is available to the teachers in case they come across any strange, aggressive, violent or destructive behaviour of the child to administer behavioural therapy. School counsellors will also aid and advise students on stress related problems. Parents can seek counsellor’s advice in academic matters.