Indian Learners' Own Academy

Affiliated to CBSE Delhi

  • Admissions open for 2021-2022 - LKG to 9 & 11
Attendance and Norms of Discipline
  1. A minimum of 75% attendance of total number of working days up to 1st March.
  2. A student who has taken new admission during the year must complete 123 working days in the school or 85% attendance in the school as on the last working day of the academic year from his/her date of joining and a aggregate of 75% attendance during the academic year in all the attended schools put together. Children short of attendance will not be allowed to appear in final exams.

Students should report to the school at 7:10 a.m. on all working days.

Academy is highly appreciative of the personality traits of regularity and punctuality among students. Students are not allowed to take leave from the school without permission. Long leaves are not permitted unless there is a grave emergency. Under such unavoidable circumstances parents are asked to give an undertaking “of teaching the portion finished in the student’s absence”. In the examinations and tests taken in absence of the students, they are marked Zero/absent. There is no system of retest at  Academy.

In case Of Medical Leave

A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate, permitting him or her to attend the school. Students suffering from the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.

  1. Chicken Pox – Till complete falling of scab
  2. Cholera – Till child is completely well
  3. Measles – Two weeks after the rash disappears
  4. Mumps – Until the swelling has gone
  5. Whooping cough – Six weeks

In order to attend classes, students have to be in proper turn out. They are expected to come in prescribed uniform of which the details are given in the school almanac. Every good thing done by the student is well recognized and every undesirable act is reported through the school almanac to the parents.

Leave Of Absence From School

  1. The school does not permit students to go on vacation during school days/working days. Parents need to plan their vacation in accordance with the school’s summer vacation and winter break as specified in the almanac. Students intending to proceed on leave out of Kuwait on emergency must seek prior written permission from the Principal.
  2. If a student has to apply leave for a single day, the leave record in the diary should be filled and signed by the parent, when he/she returns to school. The student should ensure that it is signed by the Class Teacher. Children leaving station need to get the leave sanctioned beforehand.

"What is expected from the scholars of Learners Own Academy" is described at length in the school almanac.