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UKG:MATHEMATICS 1.Numbers  1- 80 & 80 -1(before, after  and missing  nos.). 2. Number names -one  to five . 3. Shapes CLASS 1:HINDI अ to अः क to श्र Counting (1 to 10) Two letter words Three letter words Four letter words All work done in note book   CLASS 1:FRENCH 1)from the blue book: colours […]

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Class 11 Assignments 2017

Accountancy: loa-assignment-xi-acc-intoduction-to-accounting-1 loa-assignment-xi-acc-bases-of-accountnacy-2 loa-assignment-xi-acc-accounting-equation-3 loa-assignment-xi-acc-recording-transacction-i-2 LOA ACCOUNTS ASSIGNMENT XI B.R.S. LOA ACOUNTS ASSIGNMENT XI DEPRICIATION   Informatics Practices informatics-class11-hardware-concepts-assignment1-1 informatics-practice-software-concepts-assignment2 MYSQL ASSIGNMENT 1 Class 11 Informatics MYsql Assignment 2 CLASS 11 PROGRAM WITH IDE ASSIGNMENT 1   Computer Science: class-11-cassignment-1 class-11-c-assignment-2 class11-c-data-representation-assignment-3 Class 11 C++ Operators Assignment 4 Class 11 C++ Operators Assignment 4   […]

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First Formative Assessment 2017 – 23.04.2017

LKG: ENGLISH Strokes Standing Lines Draw the pattern Kindly refer pages 3 to 19 from the “Lines & Pattern book”.   CLASS 1:ENGLISH Eng course bk pgs 8-16 Grammar bk pgs 27-30 All work n revision done in the note book.   CLASS 2:HINDI Viyanjan k to shr 2. Daskhadi 3. Colours names 4. Fruits […]

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Curriculum Details

Kindergarten: Academy follows Montessori system with special focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Tripod grip and other motor skills are well groomed. Phonetics system forms the base of teaching English language.Children are given preliminary knowledge of numbers and environment. Primary, Middle, Secondary : Academy abides by the CBSE main and international curriculum. At […]

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From the desk of The Principal

Dear Parent, Thank you for your interest in Learners Own Academy. We are very proud of our school and encourage you to use this almanac as a medium of communication in order to enhance the horizons of knowledge of our dear ones with each others help. Kindly go through the all the entries made in […]

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In House Competitions – Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

There is a well planned calendar of in-house events and competitions for each academic year which is printed in the school almanac. In Kindergarten and Primary classes all the competitions are conducted on inter class and inter section basis in order to provide more scope for participation to students. All the competitions in Middle, Secondary […]

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Meet Our Administrator

An Indian School administered by a renowned educationist. Outstanding leadership as well as the management...

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