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Second Summative Assessment – Class 8

 Class 8 SA2 General Portions ENGLISH (DATE:09.03.2017)  Reading Comprehension   –  Unseen passage Unseen poem Grammar (Grammar book) Subject Verb Agreement Pronouns Conditional sentences Direct- indirect speech Non- Finite verbs Punctuation Writing Writing a Notice E-mail Article writing Dialogue writing Letter writing Literature (Main Course Book) The House Gabilan Taking Tea The World ‘s youngest MD […]

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Second Summative Assessment – Class 7

Class  7 SA2 GENERAL PORTIONS HINDI (DATE:02.03.2017) Jal hi jeevan hai Andhere ka Deepak Loknrityou ki dharti Nagaland Saccha teertyathri Baal leela Pritid ho tyohaar humara (Pure abhyas ke saath) *Vyakran Upsarg – Pratyay, Karak, sarvanaam, visheshan, kriya, kaal, avikari shabd, ashudh shabdon ka shodhaan, viraam – chihna, anek shabdon ke liye ek shabd, (Kewal […]

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Second Summative Assessment – Class 6

CLASS 6 SA2 General Portions ENGLISH  (DATE :02.03.2017) READING:  Comprehension – Unseen Passage and Poem   Writing   – Letter writing ( Formal and Informal ) , Picture composition , Diary Entry , Notice writing , Article writing, Bio – sketch   GRAMMAR  Tenses, Modals , Active-Passive Voice , Direct- indirect speech , punctuation    LITERATURE 🙁 […]

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Curriculum Details

Kindergarten– Academy follows Montessori system with special focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Tripod grip and other motor skills are well groomed. Phonetics system forms the base of teaching English language. Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary classes– Academy abides by the CBSE-i curriculum.

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From the desk of The Principal

Dear Parent, Thank you for your interest in Learners Own Academy. We are very proud of our school and encourage you to use this almanac as a medium of communication in order to enhance the horizons of knowledge of our dear ones with each others help. Kindly go through the all the entries made in […]

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Meet Our Administrator

An Indian School administered by a renowned educationist. Outstanding leadership as well as the management...

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